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To build trust in our educational system we must have true Accountability.

Fiscal accountability must translate into proper Regional pay levels for all faculty and staff. Of necessity this means those who are our school districts first lines of communication, education, and transportation must be able to afford to live in Orange County and the nearby areas.


Fiscal accountability must translate into students graduating with an education that guarantees they have learned the core and extracurricular subject matter that they were supposed to learn. Where Florida's hard-earned tax dollars are used to prepare students for the future and not for pathological SEL ideologies.

The facts
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Parental Rights are Creator given, Inalienable, and are the foundation of our Republic.

A parent's right to determine the moral, spiritual and educational upbringing and education of their children is inalienable. Parents do not abdicate their rights to Direct their child's development as they enter the school house doors.

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Safety is indispensable & must exist in all areas of interaction.

Safety is indispensable & must exist in our school textbooks, classrooms, and all other areas of interaction with students, parents, teachers and staff.


Every student has a right to educational safety, mental safety, moral safety, financial safety and doctrinal safety.

Every student, parent, and staff has the right to expect a safe environment when they are on an educational campus.

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